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Welcome to Nimacon Digital!

Nimacon Digital is an agile software development and digital media solution provider and consultancy organization. We are based in Vantaa, Finland, Europe. Even though we are far away from the continental U.S., rest assured that your services are available just the same as we were living in the next state with the help of the latest teleconferencing technology. If need be, we can also travel on-site — this is beneficial especially when the project starts.

Our services

In the U.S., we focus on custom, off-source software development work in independent projects, which in turn can be part of a larger solutions. We also offer professional authoring services and technical documentation writing, in addition to a turnkey digital media and photography solutions. All these solutions will help your organization use IT and digital media for greater operating efficiency, and allow developing a strong competitive edge to differentiate your organization from its competitors.

Our services are available even on a short notice, and we strive for world-class quality. If we feel we are not able to deliver, we will not hesitate to let you know. Our customers in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, D.C. have relied on our professionalism, quality and swiftness for years.

Software development solutions

If you wish to include our award-winning knowledge in your Microsoft Windows platform software development projects, we are glad to help you. We offer software development, design and architecture consulting services especially using Microsoft's .NET technology, but also more widely on the Windows platforms.

We always prefer the latest technologies whenever it makes business sense. This means that even though latest technologies often provide a superior competitive edge or faster return on investment (ROI), sometimes the latest technology is too complex or costly to implement. Nimacon Digital understands this, and discusses the technology choices with you, the customer.

We host Microsoft certified developers, and have received the prestigious Microsoft MVP award seven times.

Our own software solutions include Windows Phone 7 applications named "Finnish Business Id Query" and "Kalevala Phone Reader". These can be purchased through the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace.

Training and consulting services

Are you looking for training on Microsoft software, or would you like to review for instance your software development process? We can offer training for both beginners and advanced users on topics such as Windows operating systems, SQL Server, software development on .NET, programming in C#, and so on.

The training can be held on-site either in traditional hands-on classroom training with PCs or in a seminar format, or through the Internet using teleconferencing such as Microsoft LiveMeeting.

Our consulting services are available especially for Microsoft's .NET software development environments. Whether you need a helping hand to deliver your software on time or you need to solve a stubborn bug in your code, we are able to help. We are using the latest tools and knowledge to help solve your issues quickly and effectively.

Technical writing and documentation

In addition to our software development skills, we are also able to help you document your projects and processes. For instance, your code might somebody to document it, or your project overall would need someone to write the documentation so that it matches the current implementation.

We are also able to deliver technical, high-quality articles to introduce certain IT topics, or we can deliver deep diving white papers on any Microsoft technology, either to support your own organization or to help sharing the knowledge about such topics. If needed, we can also research special areas and even your own products, and produce quality work for marketing and technical evangelism purposes. We work both with print and online media. See also our digital media services.

In addition to written documentation, we are able to produce popular screencast presentations and screen video tutorials on technologies or products on the Windows platform. For instance, we have the possibility to use the popular Techsmith Camtasia Studio product.

Digital media services

Our digital media services complement and support our software development, technical writing and consulting services. We are able to offer both traditional web page design services using the latest (X)HTML and CSS technologies, but we can also assist in graphical design, overall web site architecture and design. That said, we can help in both the technical aspects, or the look and feel of your site.

In addition to interactive online publications and web sites, we are also able to help you with printed media. We are able to deliver high-quality printed work for instance for marketing purposes. However what differentiates us from traditional marketing firms is the fact that we understand technology. Creating factually correct material on technological topics, products or services is a challenge. But it's a challenge in which we excel.

Photography services

Our visual world requires images, and not just any images. With powerful, eye-catching images, communicating your message becomes easier and more effective. Our photography services include a broad range of areas, including studio and portrait photography, product and landscape/nature photography and advertisement photography in a studio environment.

Should your project require traditional American style of images to support your message, brand or service, we can help. If required, we can also deliver images with a distinct European touch, or travel to the other side of the globe to catch that special time and place.

Contact us

Microsoft MVPIs there something we could do for you? Pick and choose from our wide range of services! We are able to help corporations, educational institutes and the government. To get in touch, use the following methods. E-mail works usually best for initial enquiries.

E-mail: info@nimacon.net or us@nimacon.net
Phone: GSM +358 45 891 9974 (Mon–Fri 11am to 4pm EST)
Skype: NimaconDigital (by request only; same hours as above)
SMS text messages: same number as above, +358 45 891 9974

Company ID: 2373651-2, VAT ID: FI23736512.

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